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SSG MultiSports - The Journey

Early 2017, a couple of mates (Mal and Greg) sat at Suttons Beach in Redcliffe and dreamt of becoming better ocean swimmers.

They agreed to meet each Friday and go for a swim.  Some days were flat, some days were bumpy, some days the conditions were just plain shit.  But with each swim they felt just a little more confident. 
And every swim finished with a smile.


It did not take long before close friends joined the swim.  They told their friends, who then told their friends. 

Word spread quickly that a friendly, inclusive and supportive group was regularly swimming in the ocean.

As the numbers grew, Friday swims became Wednesday and Friday.  Then Sundays were added. 

Word kept spreading and more people came.  Coming to build their confidence in open water.



One day a newbie turned up and asked "Are you that Suttons Swim Group?"


Suttons Swim Group was born.


By 2020 organic growth saw the Suttons Swim Group (SSG) social swims regularly reaching 20+ people in the water.


SSG swims became rides and runs as well.

SSG was having positive benefits for many individuals and the community.


It was also not slowing down.

In November 2020, the 3 Wheels (Mal, Dane & Greg) sat down to discuss the growth and what the next steps were.


The decision was made to discuss and ask the swimming group whether or not to become a formal club and align with Triathlon Australia.


In December 2020, the social swimmer group
was asked to vote on whether or not
to become a triathlon club.

It was a unanimous "yes".

And so, in January 2021 the Suttons Swim Group became SSG MultiSports.


The SSG crew voted for its first Executive Committee.

Greg (President), Mal (Vice-President),

Mark (Treasurer) and Dane (Club Manager)


In March 2023 SSG MultiSports

had it's 100th member sign up.

In September 2023 SSG MultiSports

won the Queensland Triathlon Series
Medium Sized Club Championship

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