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Terms and Conditions


4.5km - Minimum age 16 years at event date

2km - Minimum age 14 years at event date

1km - Minimum age 14 years at event date


4.5km - 2.5hours

2km - 1.5hours

1km - 1hour


Ocean swimming has risks and dangers.

All swimmers participating in the event are swimming at their own risk.


All swimmers must attend event briefing held prior to each race start.

Swimmers should ensure they are physically prepared and have appropriate training, including open water swimming experience, and may need a medical check before participating.


Redcliffe Surf Life Saving lifeguards will patrol the beach and swim course throughout the event.


If a swimmer is unable to complete the course satisfactorily, lifeguards will bring them to shore.


Swimmers must start the swim within the designated area relevant to their swim event.

Swimmers must follow the prescribed course as instructed during the event briefing; failure to do so will lead to disqualification.


Each swimmer must wear a swim cap.


No devices aiding speed, endurance, or buoyancy (except wetsuits) are permitted.


Goggles, event swim cap, nose clip, and earplugs are allowed in all events.


Swim paddles or flipper/fins are not permitted.


The Event Director, Event Manager, or Redcliffe Surf Life Saving lifeguards have the authority to remove a competitor from the swim if judged physically incapable of continuing without risk of serious injury or death.


Except for technical officials or Redcliffe Surf Life Saving lifeguards, no outside assistance is allowed.


Deliberately obstructing or impeding other swimmers is prohibited and will result in disqualification.


Swimmers are expected to display good sportsmanship.   Any acts of unsportsmanlike conduct will lead to disqualification, with the determination made at the discretion of the Event Director.


Swimmers must comply with the directions and instructions of all event officials and public authorities.


Swimmers needing assistance should raise one arm to signal water safety personnel.  If unable to do so, they should roll onto their back and try to alert a lifeguard.

In case of witnessing an injury, accident, or medical incident during the swim, report it to a lifeguard promptly.


In case of withdrawal, inform a clearly marked event official and return the timing chips to indicate the withdrawal.


Swimmers should exercise caution when swimming around buoys and passing other swimmers.


Swimmers should utilise post-race hydration after the swim.

During the event Redcliffe Surf Life Saving lifeguards will have IRBs, Jet Skis and Rescue Boards on the course to ensure safety.


Redcliffe Surf Life Saving lifeguards will have relevant first aid/medical facilities on beach for rapid response.


If a competitor has a concern while in the water they are to stop, raise and wave their hand, and look for a rescue craft. The rescue teams will also be looking for those struggling and may offer or provide assistance


Should a safety issue occur relating to event conduct the standard Redcliffe Surf Life Saving safety protocols will apply. Competitors must comply with all safety directives for their safety and also for that of the safety teams.


An alarm signal will sound, and competitors will be directed by the safety craft to immediately return directly to shore.


If any individuals/age groups have completed the course the recorded results will stand.


For a confirmed shark sighting there will be a minimum one-hour delay during which time a decision will be made by the Redcliffe Surf Life Saving lifeguards about any postponement or cancellation of any (outstanding) race(s).

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