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Moreton Bay Tri - September 2023

Updated: May 17

SSG Multisports is the Queensland Triathlon Medium Club Champions.

Thank you to all 27 athletes, all the support crew, a big thank you to Leigh and Dan for cooking us all a great BBQ and a special thank you to the 12 volunteers who spent the day helping others. You all collectively made for one of our biggest days to date.

The SSG podiums included:

- Cynthia (1st)

- Nelly (1st)

- Margaret (1st),

- Jodie (2nd)

- Sharni (2nd)

- Maurece (2nd)

- Jane (3rd)

- and the boys - aka Steven, Shaun and Salmo (3rd in Teams).

You may have heard a rumour that our President can't count more than 1 lap. The rumour is 100% true. The bike leg was 2 laps, but Greg decided he'd had enough after 1 and came into T2. However, he had a very strong run leg.


The SSG Volunteers were friendly faces on course.

The SSG athletes did us proud.

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